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Scope of works includes adding 23 miles of high occupancy vehicle lanes, eight maintenance vehicle pullouts, two sound walls, replacement of a pedestrian overcrossing and installation of fiber optic lines.
A driver said: "There was a highway maintenance vehicle - it was a big yellow roadpainting wagon - and a hackney taxi and there was someone trapped in the taxi.
A maintenance vehicle for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County was one of the vehicles involved in the crash.
Washington, Jumada II 25, 1437, Apr 3, 2016, SPA -- Two people were killed and at least 30 others injured when the lead engine of a passenger train partially derailed near the US city of Philadelphia after striking a maintenance vehicle, dpa reported.
The complex comprises a launcher with two missiles, a missile-transporter loader, a command post vehicle, a technical maintenance vehicle, a set of arsenal equipment, a data processing unit, as well as training facilities.
METRO operators Nexus has invested PS2.3m in a state-of-the-art new rail maintenance vehicle.
The Boeing 777 aircraft, with passengers on board, was about to take off when it collided with a maintenance vehicle.
His HGV collided with a motorway maintenance vehicle on the southbound carriageway between junctions 11 and 10 near Tamworth and Nuneaton at 3am yesterday.
A LORRY driver was taken to hospital after his HGV crashed into a motorway maintenance vehicle on the M42 near Warwickshire yesterday.
A borough council modernisation of its winter maintenance vehicle fleet, with a pounds 344,500 investment over six years, involves replacing three older gritters with four new ones, all fitted with the latest equipment.
An express train bound for Narita international airport scraped a conveyer belt of a railway track maintenance vehicle Thursday in Tokyo, but no injuries were reported.
The law requires all drivers approaching a stationary emergency or maintenance vehicle with flashing lights to move to the next adjacent lane if it is safe to do so, and barring that, to reduce their speed.

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