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A script which tells the Unix program "make" how to build a particular computer program or set of programs. A makefile contains variable assignments and rules of the form

target: inputs commands

which say if any of the files in "inputs" has been modified more recently than file "target" (or if the target does not exist) then execute "commands", which will normally bulid "target" from "inputs".

If make is run with no arguments, it looks for a makefile called "Makefile" or "makefile".
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In Makefile, each file in each of the three length sorts was programmed to contain 2,000 BE of random width lumber (ranging from 4 to 13 in.
Until now, when developers wished to create a complex Makefile they were often forced to code, from scratch, common functions, or search the Internet for snippets of GNU Make code that could assist them.
C/C++/Fortran support -- Allows developers to compile and execute Fortran, C and C++ code, including syntax highlighting and makefile support.
The Absoft IDE includes automatic file dependency information handling, makefile generation, project management for full Fortran95 / Fortran 77 / C & C++ projects, a fully-featured programmer's editor with syntax-highlighting, an integrated performance profiler and the MRWE application framework which can automatically create a native GUI for each compiled application (full source included).
topic/android-building/zji_sQGN9Oo%5B1-25%5D) claims that he has created an empty git project and thinking of placing a skeleton set of makefiles followed by a Kernel.
The PGI compilers generate unified x64+GPU object files and executables that manage all movement of data to/from the GPU device while leveraging all existing host-side utilities -- linker, librarians, makefiles -- and require no changes to the existing standard HPC Linux/x64 programming environment.
It also now includes both VisualStudio v6 and v7 project files (for client SDKs), Eclipse project files (for server), as well as linux makefiles.
This enables developers to utilize existing compilers and makefiles with little or no modification, while still taking full advantage of MULTI's powerful debugging capabilities.
All compiler options are available for the user through the MULTI Builder GUI, and as command-line options in makefiles.
BenchX integrates the GNU tools into the Eclipse Project Builder environment, enabling automatic or manual builds, and hands-on or hands-off use of standard makefiles.
The contract position will include maintaining the documentation directory in the Linux kernel source tree with an emphasis on keeping current documentation up to date, creating new documentation and creating and maintaining tools such as kerneldoc scripts and Makefiles.
Tightly integrated with MathWorks products for Model-Based Design, Link for TASKING enables engineers to generate algorithm code, libraries, makefiles, and test harnesses from a Simulink model and automatically load them into the TASKING Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for execution and analysis.