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The rehabilitation literature encourages assessment of problem solving skills as part of the vocational planning process for those individuals who are felt to be experiencing difficulties in making choices (Syzmanski & Parker, 1996, Rubin & Roessler, 2001, Zunker, 2002).
This paper explains how perceptions of hierarchy in decision making are related to beliefs about influence over change and implementation decisions in Piedmont.
To answer this question, I set about to informally survey a number of health plan medical directors across the country to learn how they go about medical necessity decision making and what tools they use in doing so.
In traditional civilizations there was a continuous spectrum of creation which was always related to God, from the making of a simple comb to the composition of f poetry and everything in between; everything was related to God and reflected His quality as the Supreme Artisan on the human plane.
Cognitive decision-making skills are essential for establishing and meeting goals, planning careers, exploring/investigating career choices, making decisions about the future, and establishing objectives and activities.
This article is the result of an informal survey of members from small firms practicing in 10 states about increasing transparency by making peer review information public.
This variety also is making evaluative research difficult since researchers are failing to specify a consistently applied model of the elements of FGC prior to analyzing its effectiveness.
How can simulation technologies be used both as training and tactical tools to accelerate and enhance decision making by law enforcement personnel?
Portland, Oregon-based Resource Revival started making coffee and end tables from the salvaged fir beams of old houses in 2003.
Agriculture is making its way to big cities, suburbs and homes throughout the world in the new products made with Ingeo[TM] fibers, the first and only man-made, natural-based fiber made from 100 percent annually renewable resources--ordinary field corn.