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A typeless language used to produce machine-independent software. LITTLE has been used to implement SETL.

"Guide to the LITTLE Language", D. Shields, LITTLE Newsletter 33, Courant Inst (Aug 1977).

What does it mean when you dream about being little?

Dreaming about being little can relate to childhood or to “feeling small.” Little also finds a place in numerous idioms, any one of which might indicate the meaning of one’s dream: “little by little,” a “little horror,” “too little too late,” “Oak trees grow from little acorns,” etc. (See also Shrink, Small).

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A senior OFT official has criticised the industry for not drawing up a code of conduct and for "making little progress in raising consumer satisfaction".
In Men and Boys, the poet records that moment when farm boys are teetering on the edge of manhood by making little pulls on the tractor throttles and roaring the engines while their fathers visit.
The six-times British champion rode Shadowland in the Commonwealth Stakes on the turf track, but was making little progress when he was squeezed for room in the straight.