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in biology: see mutationmutation,
in biology, a sudden, random change in a gene, or unit of hereditary material, that can alter an inheritable characteristic. Most mutations are not beneficial, since any change in the delicate balance of an organism having a high level of adaptation to its environment
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individual or group recreational activities, usually physical, which involve interpersonal or intergroup competition, contests with nature (e.g. hunting), or the more general exercise of physical skills. While sports often take the form of‘games’, not all games are sports (e.g. card games, various games of chance and strategy). Sport occurs in most societies. However, most modern forms of organized sport have their origins in the latter half of the 19th century, although some of these, such as horse racing, boxing, cricket and football have a much longer history. In modern societies the role of sport – including spectator and televised sport – is a significant one. See also SOCIOLOGY OF SPORT, PLAY, LEISURE.

What does it mean when you dream about sports?

Dreaming of participating in a sport may suggest that the dreamer is in excellent physical condition or needs some exercise or recreation.


a. an animal or plant that differs conspicuously in one or more aspects from other organisms of the same species, usually because of a mutation
b. an anomalous characteristic of such an organism


Playing sports may represent some aspects of the way that we run our lives, or may refer to internal struggles where one part of the dreamer’s psyche or personality is attempting to “win” over another. At times life is like a challenging sport. We compete, try to win, and attempt to develop our abilities so that we will succeed. In the dream, the outcome of the game may say something about how well we are doing. Do we feel competent and successful, are we playing fair, or is the sport more competitive than what we are comfortable with? In order to understand the dream, consider the details and attempt to identify what in daily life creates similar emotions. All sports and games have specific rules and boundaries. Your performance within this framework may represent the struggle against inner conflicts such individual fears and weaknesses, or may be referring to a pragmatic problem or situation at work or in your relationships.
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The marathon is our way of making sports an integral part of every child's growing years.
He works for Turriff agricultural feed firm Harbo and is a trustee of the nonprofit making sports centre.
Hollywood has always had its hands in making sports films, going back to when Harold Lloyd was doing crazy things with nutty props, through a bunch of crazies trying to pass off themselves as "The Comebacks.
STUDENTS at Warwick University are to campaign against low wages for workers in the third world who are making sports wear.
With childhood obesity/inactivity on the rise, we feel it's our responsibility to be on the forefront of making sports accessible for all kids and to offer solutions to fight the trend of obesity in this country.
Today, he works making sports bags at his home near Pershore, Worcestershire.
In 1990, sports-related companies, stadiums and performers produced over $60 billion in revenues, making sports the nation's 22nd largest industry, according to Martin J.

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