makore, African cherry, cherry mahogany

A moderately hard, heavy wood of West Africa, pinkish to red-brown in color; resembles mahogany and American cherry; used for cabinets, flooring, and plywood.
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We expect a change this season," said Cyrus Rioba Makore, a tobacco farmer from Sakuri in Kuria East.
What you saw yesterday, it shows that the people have spoken," Mordecai Makore, 71, a retired teacher told AFP about Saturday's marches.
HCCL managing director Mr Thomas Makore said the firm was sourcing working capital spur faltering operations.
Hoko dzinoda kuiswa itsva kusati kwapera makore gumi kuti varoyi vasapinde.
Newly appointed Managing Director Thomas Makore told journalists after the company's annual general meeting that Hwange, which is struggling with legacy and current debt, was currently mining on average 150,000 mtpm.
If we follow this line of thought expressed in the notion of "how time passes" embodied in the title that is narrativised when the author says "hakungari kuchingova makore chete, uyewo hakungorambi richingovawo zuva bedzi" (p.
The aircraft was distinctively designed and outfitted in an array of leathers and fabrics complimented by a dark mahogany stained Makore veneer.
Many patterns such as Cayman, Cork, Glimmer, Hombre, Laredo, Makore, and Melody a re free from phthalates, heavy metals, and formaldehyde while exceeding 1,000,000 double rubs.
To complete the Shangri-La experience, the guest rooms, suites, and apartments blend luxurious textures of natural stone, reflective metals, figured makore and wenge, along with a selection of sumptuous fabrics.
The so-called African redwoods like Khaya, sapele and makore are just full of figures," said Jim Carroll of Certainty Wood, East Aurora, NY.
SOPHIE Paterson and Stephen Makore made a great impression on employers when named best dressed students at the Future-Pro graduate recruitment event hosted by Staffordshire University.
left to right) Richard Lashmore, of Finest, and Baz Chapman, of Birmingham Future, admire snappy dressers Sophie Paterson and Stephen Makore, best dressed students at the Future-Pro recruitment event hosted by Staffordshire University