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, Fr. Malines, commune (1991 est. pop. 75,000), Antwerp prov., N central Belgium, on the Dijle River. In English it is also known as Mechlin. It is a commercial, industrial, and transportation center and was formerly a famous lace-making center.
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, Belgium.


Bobbin lace which has a design outlined by a lustrous thread on a fine six-sided mesh ground.
A sheer, hexagonal-mesh fabric. Also known as tulle.
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Maline will direct Continental's New York-based loan office through which the company purchases mortgage loans on a wholesale basis from mortgage originators.
Maline, executive director of the Kentucky Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association, was putting the counter-argument to a stiff letter from 128 signatories with breeding interests in the state - a letter that called for the introduction of swingeing and permanent restrictions on raceday use of medication.
I counted 18 canisters of CS gas being fired among protesters who fled the Maline Creek stronghold close to Canfield Drive where Michael, 18, was killed.
ESCRIVA, Evelyne; MALINE, Joel; SCHWEITZER, Jean-Michel.
IFA Pres & CEO Steve Caldeira presents the award for Small Business Veteran and Military Spouse Employment to Drew Myers, former Captain in the US Maline Corps and Founder of Recruit Military at the Lee Anderson Awards dinner at the U S Chamber of Commerce on Nov.
Olson elaborates the role of rent-seeking activities (defined as nonproductive activities pursued by economic agents in the effort to obtain above-average profits, aka economic rents, for themselves) by numerous coalitions of people--activities that inevitably bring maline democratic nations into decline--in The Rise and Decline of Nations, in which he focuses on the predatory efforts of special interest groups or "distributional coalitions.
Maline, partner in Goodwin's Corporate and Technology Companies/Life Sciences Practices.
Department of Education issued a report describing cheating among college students as a "chronic problem" (Maramark and Maline, 1993).
section][section] 4321-1370f (2006), and the Maline Mammal
3 CF (a) 22 28 Normalized Percentages of Non-opaque Minerals tour- maline rutile other MPH 2.
Sri Lankan Maline Rubeira, 60, is alleged to have committed the crime while dealing with Ms Wickramaarachi's case at the Public Prosecution on Christmas Eve.
Indeed, if dating during adolescence is preparation for adult intimate partner relations, and patterns learned early become habituated, then current statistics should prompt such investigations now (Hyman, 1999; Torrey & Lee, 1987; O'Leary, Barling, Arias, Rosenbaum, Maline, & Tyree, 1989).