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, Fr. Malines, commune (1991 est. pop. 75,000), Antwerp prov., N central Belgium, on the Dijle River. In English it is also known as Mechlin. It is a commercial, industrial, and transportation center and was formerly a famous lace-making center.
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, Belgium.


Bobbin lace which has a design outlined by a lustrous thread on a fine six-sided mesh ground.
A sheer, hexagonal-mesh fabric. Also known as tulle.
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In 1231, for example, a Eucharistic wafer elevated by Peter of Malines was reportedly transformed into an infant.
At Malines, for example, a numerus clausus rule was created when the Great Council was still an itinerant group and before it settled permanently at the Schepenhuis in Malines.
In February 1477, for example, Willem travelled to the widow of Charles, Margaret of York, in Malines to negotiate a resolution to the political crisis (in order to 'vercrighenc zekere nieuwe pointen ende artikelen van previlegen'; CAB: Accounts of the city, 1476-77, 128v).
The majority of Belgians to arrive in the region were from the Flemish-speaking areas around Antwerp - in particular Ostend, Malines and Aerschot - and were of the artisan class, skilled in such trades as cabinet making, weaving and lace production.
Historical base-metal districts--once the economic backbone in frontier regions--have now closed: Noranda (Quebec), Sullivan (British Columbia), Les Malines and St-Yrieix (France), Laisvall (Sweden), Leadville (Colorado), Touissit-Bediane (Morocco), and Tsumeb (Namibia).
The brewery was originally a coach house named the Plaisante Hof (Pleasant Garden), situated on the road to Malines, at the limits of the city border where Antwerp met the district of Berchem.
As the poet Joseph Malines aptly put it, it's like an ambulance waiting at the bottom of a cliff.
Try Bourjois Pour La Vie lipstick in Aubergine, pour Malines, pounds 6.
Shortly after D-Day, June 1944, the couple is denounced, arrested by the Wehrmacht, sent through Malines to Auschwitz on the last transport before liberation, and gassed.
notoriously anti-Protestant" (204), Benedict gave warmer approval to the Malines Conversations convoked by Belgium's Cardinal Mercier than did the Archbishop of Canterbury.
This time it was a rare set of 15th century carved alabaster figure groups signed by the artist and originating from Malines.