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property of a metal describing the ease with which it can be hammered, forged, pressed, or rolled into thin sheets. Metals vary in this respect; pure gold is the most malleable. Silver, copper, aluminum, lead, tin, zinc, and iron are also very malleable. Some heating usually increases malleability. Zinc, for example, at ordinary temperatures is very brittle, but is malleable in the temperature range from about 120°C;. to 150°C;. Impurities adversely affect the malleability of metals.



the capacity of metals and alloys of undergoing forging and other types of pressure shaping (rolling, drawing, pressing, or stamping). Malleability is a property of most pure metals and of steel, brass, and Duralumin, as well as some other copper, aluminum, magnesium, and nickel alloys. It is characterized by plasticity—that is, the ability of the metal to undergo deformation under pressure without destruction—and by its resistance to deformation. Malleable metals combine relatively high plasticity with low resistance to deformation.


The property of a metal that permits mechanical deformation by extrusion, forging, rolling, etc., without fracturing.
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arco steel, with 10 units on, true arch, size medium, naturally, chrome-nickel, resistant low range drive, good and low friction malleability resistant to drive, as detailed in administrative and technical basis, gyh or equivalent
It usually showcases an extraordinary range of Indian textiles reflecting the cultural richness and malleability of the society.
Meanwhile, if Murray both relies on the soft malleability of paper and resists it through the works' springy verve, she also makes watercolor, a medium of delicate transparencies, into something bright and forward.
This might provoke a discussion about the adaptability and malleability of both peasant and rural peoples.
Substances such as these may wipe away connections formed among neurons by experiences early in life and usher in a temporary period of cerebral malleability, Freeman proposes.
The researchers observed that while the overall proportion of Asian Americans, who said that race was important in their racial consciousness, was smaller than for blacks, in the experiment "Asian Americans showed strong results from the experimental manipulation, demonstrating substantial malleability.
Here Gonzales enlists painting to highlight photography's malleability.
The adolescent image shifted from one primarily associated with physical changes accompanying puberty to psychological images (vulnerability, malleability, creative potential, emotional change).
She summarizes research on the malleability of ordinary and traumatic memories in the May American Pscycholigist.
When it comes to matters of production and distribution, the chameleon nature of plastic offers little resistance or "noise"; yet even so pliant a material as plastic can't beat the malleability of that which is material-less, like data.