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A projection on the distal end of the tibia and fibula at the ankle.
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the peripheral process at which terminate the inner surface of the distal (that is, from the trunk) epiphysis of the tibia (the inner malleolus) and the lower, thickened end of the fibula (the outer malleolus). Both malleoli have flat articular surfaces and hold the articular surface (trochlea) of the talus in a fork.

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The anterior malleolar ligament is a continuation of the sphenomandibular (tympano-mandibular) ligament noted by Burch (1966) and according to Komori et al.
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The purpose of this study is to assess the functional outcome and results of surgical treatment of malleolar fractures.
These included three nondisplaced fractures of the distal fibula, one posterior malleolar fracture, and in one patient, both a fracture of the dorsum of the talus and a phalangeal fracture.
Anteromedial or anterolateral or poster lateral or poster medial or combined approach with or without malleolar osteotomy or percutaneous fixation was used.
Potential problems include malleolar fixation, length of time to union, and possible delayed union or nonunion of the malleoli.
(3) Of the four types of ankle fractures classified by Lauge-Hansen, supination-adduction injuries accounted for approximately 10% to 20% of malleolar fractures.
In 6 cases tympanosclerosis was present, incudo malleolar joint was involved in 4 cases and incudo stapedial joint was involved in 2 cases.
Intra-operative malleolar fracture and deltoid ligament insufficiency are potential pitfalls.
* Epitympanum (Attic): Part above the malleolar folds.
Six had aseptic loosening, two had medial malleolar fractures, and seven had progressive edge loading.