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A projection on the distal end of the tibia and fibula at the ankle.



the peripheral process at which terminate the inner surface of the distal (that is, from the trunk) epiphysis of the tibia (the inner malleolus) and the lower, thickened end of the fibula (the outer malleolus). Both malleoli have flat articular surfaces and hold the articular surface (trochlea) of the talus in a fork.

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Fracture severity was classified according to the number of malleoli involved (unimalleolar, bimalleolar, or trimalleolar) by viewing plain radiographs of the fracture or, if radiographs were not available, according to orthopaedic or radiology entries in the hospital records.
Curvilinear probes facilitate skin-probe contact over these bony ridges, particularly in the concavity between the malleoli and the tendo archilles.
The voltage sensing electrodes, 3M[TM] Red Dot 2330 (Ag/AgCl) series resting electrodes with tab style connector, were applied on the mid-dorsum of the wrist with the distal bony prominence of the radius and ulna as land-marks, and on the mid-anterior aspect of the ankle with the medial and lateral malleoli as location landmarks.
Surface electrodes were placed on the right side of the body on the dorsal surface of the hands and feet proximal to the metacarpal-phalangeal and metatarsal-phalangeal joints, respectively, and also medially between the distal prominences of the radius and ulna and between the medial and lateral malleoli at the ankle (19).
This ligament is believed to function as a "spring," permitting slight separation between the medial and lateral malleoli during ankle dorsiflexion (1).
Macular violaceous erythema with or without associated scale-hyperkeratosis, pigmentary change, or telangiectasia involving extensor aspects of the knuckles, elbows, knees, or medial malleoli.
Herbst Cradle[TM] from Brown Medical Industries is a new ankle/foot orthosis product used for the treatment of plantar flexion and Achilles' contractures, and for prevention and healing of decubital ulcers on the heel and malleoli.
Postoperatively, the patient had global paresthesias on the plantar and dorsal surfaces of the affected foot to the area of the malleoli.
The other electrodes were placed at the distal metacarpals and metatarsals respectively, between the distal prominences of the radius and the ulna at the wrist, and the medial and lateral malleoli at the ankle.
Pressure ulcers most frequently develop over the sacrum, ischial tuberosities, trochanters, malleoli, and heels, but they can develop elsewhere, including behind the ears when nasal cannulae are used for prolonged periods.
The gurney was equipped with a calibrated load cell (Model LCCA-200, Omega; Stamford, Connecticut) connected to a noncompliant strap placed around the subject's dominant leg just proximal to the ankle malleoli [20] and to a strain amplifier/signal conditioner (DMD-465WB, Omega; Stamford, Connecticut).
The remaining 4 landmarks were as follows; a pair of medial femoral condyles and medial malleoli.