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Dilation, especially of a hollow organ.
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limited dilatation of the lumen of a hollow organ or blood vessel. Ectasia may be congenital, as in the case of bronchiectasis and telangiectasia. However, the condition occurs more often as a result of stenosis, above which the lumen of a hollow organ dilates. It is treated by surgery.

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In females among the 154 breast lesions, most common was fibroadenoma encountered in all age groups comprising of 67 cases(43.5%).Next commonest was benign breast disease seen in 31 cases (20.12%), followed by fibrocystic disease in 17 cases (11.03%), breast abscess in 11 cases (7.14%), mastitis in 06cases(3.89%), atypical ductal hyperplasia in 08 cases(5.19%), galactocele in 04 cases (2.59%), intraductal papilloma in 03 cases (1.94%), phylloides in 03 cases (1.94%) and single case (0.64%) of mammary duct ectasia.