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(1) (Multiple System Operator) Typically refers to a cable TV organization that owns more than one cable system, but it may refer to an operator of only one system.

(2) (Multiple Services Operator) An organization that provides more than one type of communications service, such as Internet access, TV and phone. See triple play.

(3) See Microsoft Office.
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Consolidated results include the operations of non-obligated Covenant Retirement Services (CRS), which comprises a home health company, a management service organization, and several rental retirement communities.
We also allowed the system's management service organization to continue to do his billings and collections for one year at a cost commensurate with other billing services in the area.
The two first quarter 1999 reports will examine the "Management Service Organization Industry" and "Managed Care Organization Outsourcing".
In late July, I called Nello McDaniel, executive director of FEDAPT, the arts management service organization, and told him the news.
In another instance, a physician led the development of what proved to be a profitable, highly workable management service organization for hospital-based physicians.
Hiteshi is also credited with forming Physician Hospital Consortium (PHC), IPAs, and management service organizations fulfilling the needs of stakeholders, physicians, and patients.
Whether it's through management service organizations or independent practice associations, you'll see more people practice as part of one program or a united program for contracting with third-party payers."

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