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1. Politics the support or commission given to a government and its policies or an elected representative and his policies through an electoral victory
2. (formerly) any of the territories under the trusteeship of the League of Nations administered by one of its member states
a. Roman law a contract by which one person commissions another to act for him gratuitously and the other accepts the commission
b. Contract law a contract of bailment under which the party entrusted with goods undertakes to perform gratuitously some service in respect of such goods
c. Scots law a contract by which a person is engaged to act in the management of the affairs of another
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authorization, commission. The term “mandate” also refers to a document that confirms a particular person’s authority (for example, the mandate of a deputy). The term originated in Roman law to signify a contract of agency.

In international law at the time of the founding of the League of Nations the term “mandate” meant the authority given to a particular state to govern parts of Turkish possessions or former German colonies in the name of the League.

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The federal government has relied most heavily on its argument that the mandate can be upheld under the Commerce Clause.
Another P1 billion each was deployed for the Pure Equity Fund Mandate fund managers: BPI AMTC, the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co.
Chhim Phalvorun, who is also head of the body's secretariat, told The Post on Sunday that the forum's mandate is due to last only through the government's 6th mandate as stated in a Royal Decree on its establishment.
If granted, the stay is likely to have permitted the Supreme Court time to resolve whether to administratively stay the CAFC mandate while it considered Indivior's application to stay the mandate pending disposition of a petition.
The mandate was transferred to the next candidate A.
He says it shows blatant disregard to said mandate and disrespect to the House of Representatives, adding that the Liberian Dollar is a legal tender in the country.
Second, the mandate must increase the costs of insurers enough to be reflected in increased premiums.
The situation remains the same now as well as the mandate received by the Sri Lanka Podu Jana Party is different while the mandate received in 2015 is separate,' the Minister said.
Hatch declined to say what will be in the rewrite, and he said discussions about ACA mandate repeal were a distraction from the committee's work.
The call comes a day after South Sudan's cabinet affairs minister said they would not accept any unilateral decision to renew the mandate of UNMISS without seeking its prior consent and approval.
I'm still not sure that we have caught every single mandate in the dusty corners of the statute books," he said, "but we're working on it."