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1. Politics the support or commission given to a government and its policies or an elected representative and his policies through an electoral victory
2. (formerly) any of the territories under the trusteeship of the League of Nations administered by one of its member states
a. Roman law a contract by which one person commissions another to act for him gratuitously and the other accepts the commission
b. Contract law a contract of bailment under which the party entrusted with goods undertakes to perform gratuitously some service in respect of such goods
c. Scots law a contract by which a person is engaged to act in the management of the affairs of another
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authorization, commission. The term “mandate” also refers to a document that confirms a particular person’s authority (for example, the mandate of a deputy). The term originated in Roman law to signify a contract of agency.

In international law at the time of the founding of the League of Nations the term “mandate” meant the authority given to a particular state to govern parts of Turkish possessions or former German colonies in the name of the League.

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Still, it is remarkable that a fairly weak prohibition like UMRA has been such an effective impediment to mandating by direct order.
A potentially more reliable test of the effects of a requirement such as the FMLA's mandate of parental leave comes from looking at the effects of European laws mandating leave after the birth of a child.
From the perspective of workers, although the composition of their compensation has changed, its value has remained the same, as has their employee surplus.(5) Workers are paying the full cost of the benefit, but this does not constitute a case either for or against mandating it.(6)
"New bills mandating biodegradable packaging decreased 89%.
The idea was to protect the consumer by mandating minimum benefits in every policy, regardless of whether the benefits were needed.
A majority of the membership can override the point of order and pass the mandate, but at least the provision ensures the potential for a debate about the issue of mandating itself.
The Clintons already compromised on serious cost control by not mandating global budgets (set amounts a state or set of providers can spend, a feature of most other successful health systems and of single payer).
* The way mandates irresponsibly frees the mandating level of government from the necessity of setting priorities and from accountability.