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1. Politics the support or commission given to a government and its policies or an elected representative and his policies through an electoral victory
2. (formerly) any of the territories under the trusteeship of the League of Nations administered by one of its member states
a. Roman law a contract by which one person commissions another to act for him gratuitously and the other accepts the commission
b. Contract law a contract of bailment under which the party entrusted with goods undertakes to perform gratuitously some service in respect of such goods
c. Scots law a contract by which a person is engaged to act in the management of the affairs of another
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authorization, commission. The term “mandate” also refers to a document that confirms a particular person’s authority (for example, the mandate of a deputy). The term originated in Roman law to signify a contract of agency.

In international law at the time of the founding of the League of Nations the term “mandate” meant the authority given to a particular state to govern parts of Turkish possessions or former German colonies in the name of the League.

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The third largest mandatory contribution was to meet Executive Order 447 for the 'Greater Medicine Access' program worth P1.34 billion; low-priced medicine program of the Philippine International Trading Corp., P47.812 million; and the Avian Flu Fund, P20 million.
He also urged students, parents, and alumni of ROTC to speak up on the plans of the government to revive the mandatory training among senior high school students.
Despite these criticisms, the DND said that even the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Justice and the Office of the Solicitor General already studied the proposed mandatoryROTC program for senior high school students and determined that "is not in conflict with the international law." Daanoy added that the mandatory ROTC best suits senior high school students or grades 11 and 12.
Earlier, DepEd welcomed the revival of the mandatory ROTC for Grades 11 and 12 students.
The bonds are subject to mandatory redemption prior to the mandatory purchase date.
While the government says it will be complementing the mandatory test, there is concern the aptitude test won't be effective in screening drivers who should not be on the road.
It further argued the allegations concerning mandatory retirement and that Njiraini should be sent on compulsory leave for six months are baseless and were made prematurely.
"We believe that a gradual roll-out of mandatory hallmarking would prove most beneficial to India, structured in three phases.
Global Banking News-October 26, 2017--Northern Emirates to make health insurance mandatory
Furthermore, too large a mandatory list has the potential to create significant barriers to trade.
There are important differences between mandatory and discretionary spending worth understanding for those unfamiliar with the distinctions.