Mandelic Acid

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mandelic acid

[man′del·ik ′as·əd]
(organic chemistry)
C6H5CHOHCOOH A white, crystalline compound, melting at 117-119°C, darkening upon exposure to light; used in organic synthesis.

Mandelic Acid


amygdalic acid, phenylglycolic acid; the simplest aliphatic-aromatic hydroxy acid.

Mandelic acid exists in two optically active forms, ( + ) and ( − ), as well as in the racemic (paramandelic) ( ± ) form. The first two types melt at 133.3°C; the racemic form

melts at 120.5°C. Natural ( − )-mandelic acid occurs in the bitter almond as the glycoside amygdalin, from which it can be extracted by hydrolysis; ( + )-mandelic acid is present (in a bound form) in the fruits and flowers of the common elder; and (±)-mandelic acid is obtained from benzaldehyde:

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An important part of the study determined that mandelate racemase reactivity could occur at subzero temperatures found on planets such as Mars or moons like Titan, Europa, or Enceladus, where recent data show water is likely to exist.
Systemic antimicrobial prophylaxis with trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, methenamine mandelate or, especially, a fluoroquinolone, can reduce the risk of CAUTI for short-term catheterizations (35).
(2008) Chiral recognition between [alpha]- Hydroxylesters: A double-resonance IR/UV study of the complexes of methyl mandelate with methyl glycolate and methyl lactate.
Methenamine, either as the mandelate or hippurate salt, is an old drug that is now rarely used in pregnancy.