Mandibular Arch

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mandibular arch

[man′dib·yə·lər ′ärch]
The first visceral arch in vertebrates.
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Mandibular Arch


a supporting element of the visceral skeleton in gnathostomatous vertebrates, including humans. The mandibular arch is situated directly in front of the sublingual arch. In the course of evolution, the mandibular arch differentiated into the primary upper jaw (palatoquadrate cartilage) and primary lower jaw (Meckel’s cartilage).

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In addition, the study group had fewer spaces between teeth in both maxillary and mandibular arches compared to control.
After this phase it is essential to assess the patient's initial mandibular arch form (tapered, oval, or square) in order to use the most appropriate in contouring the archwires throughout therapy, thus significantly contributing to the post-treatment stability (INTERLANDI, 1978; IZARD, 1927; MCLAUGHLIN; BENNETT, 1999; RICKETTS, 1978; STEADMAN, 1961; STRANG, 1946; TRIVINO et al., 2008; ZACHRISSON, 1998).
The developing jaw articulation is still the neural crest bone of the mandibular arch, which remains uncovered by dermal bone posteriorly.
He also had microdontic teeth with generalized spacing in both the maxillary and mandibular arches. He had a class II subdivision right molar relation like his father.
Caption: Figure 1: Intraoral picture showing Kennedy Class I Division 1 edentulism in maxillary arch and mandibular arch
Caption: Figure 2: Frontal clinical view of the maxillary and mandibular arches.
Before taking the pre-operative impression, the assistant decides if a triple tray impression can be used for the crown and bridge procedure being performed on the patient, or if instead two separate maxillary and mandibular arch impressions should be made.
In the mandibular arch the affected group also had a statistically significant reduction in arch depth: P value 0.009.
Study showed that the depth of the curve of spee in the mandibular arch was significantly related to overbite, overjet, and the sagittal position of the mandible with respect to the anterior cranial base.