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A volume of luminous, predominantly hydrogen gas that appears on the sun above the chromosphere; occurs only in the region of horizontal magnetic fields because these fields support the prominences against solar gravity.



a luminous formation of incandescent gases visible at the edge of the solar disk. When viewed against the background of the solar disk, prominences appear as dark filaments.

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Analysis of stage HH21 showed that Hey1 expression remained localized to the epithelium of the nasal pit and maxillary and mandibular prominences and also the caudal-most region of BA2, trigeminal ganglion, and third and fourth branchial clefts, where a strong signal was observed (Figure 2, A).
The maxillary and mandibular prominences arise from the growth and morphological differentiation of BA1.
High levels of mesenchymal proliferation have been detected during the development of the maxillary and mandibular prominences between stages HH19 and HH21, mediated by epithelial-mesenchymal reciprocal interactions(22).