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, mandril
1. a spindle on which a workpiece is supported during machining operations
2. a shaft or arbor on which a machining tool is mounted
3. the driving spindle in the headstock of a lathe
4. Brit a miner's pick



an attachment on metalcutting machine tools for securing products to be worked or cutting tools with center holes. The simplest mandrels consist of a rod with center holes for attachment between the centers of a machine tool or a rod with a cone corresponding to the conical opening in the arbor of a machine tool. Various expanding mandrels are frequently also used.


The core around which continuous strands of impregnated reinforcement materials are wound to fabricate hollow objects made of composite materials.
(mechanical engineering)
A shaft inserted through a hole in a component to support the work during machining.
A metal bar serving as a core around which other metals are cast, forged, or extruded, forming a true central hole.

mandrel, mandril

1. A temporary internal support for a light-gauge metal shell during a pile-driving operation; takes the impact of the pile hammer during driving and is then withdrawn before concrete is placed in the shell; also called a pile core. 2. A cylindrical bar or spindle, used chiefly as a support during machining or forming operations.
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The first tool is usually a flat metal plate with a half round groove cut out (diameter of mandrel + flex thickness + a few extra mils).
Then push the mandrel shaft and neck-turning fixture to the right until the case mouth and tip of the mandrel are separated by about 0.
Benefits include faster set up times, ease of registration, less scrap on the front end and reduced cost, as the sleeve does not have to be the same length as the mandrel.
developed a method of fabricating composites using a mold or mandrel with a shape-memory polymer liner.
The company's mandrel capabilities include: profiles less than 0.
The model incorporates programmable mandrel positioning with anticipated mandrel retraction, clamping, pressure die and boost die movements.
Use sandpaper, an electric sander, or the multitool, plus a sanding mandrel and 60-grit 13mm sanding band.
Diverge tools also require finer programming of the differential angle between bushing and mandrel (should be in the 2 [degrees] to 7 [degrees] range).
For formation of a cavity in an electroslag billet inside the mould an additional cooled surface, so called internal mould or a mandrel, is introduced.
According to Mike Bair, VP and GM-787 program, the fault had been expected owing to a problem with a particular mandrel that developed a flaw.