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, mandril
1. a spindle on which a workpiece is supported during machining operations
2. a shaft or arbor on which a machining tool is mounted
3. the driving spindle in the headstock of a lathe
4. Brit a miner's pick
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an attachment on metalcutting machine tools for securing products to be worked or cutting tools with center holes. The simplest mandrels consist of a rod with center holes for attachment between the centers of a machine tool or a rod with a cone corresponding to the conical opening in the arbor of a machine tool. Various expanding mandrels are frequently also used.

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The core around which continuous strands of impregnated reinforcement materials are wound to fabricate hollow objects made of composite materials.
(mechanical engineering)
A shaft inserted through a hole in a component to support the work during machining.
A metal bar serving as a core around which other metals are cast, forged, or extruded, forming a true central hole.
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mandrel, mandril

1. A temporary internal support for a light-gauge metal shell during a pile-driving operation; takes the impact of the pile hammer during driving and is then withdrawn before concrete is placed in the shell; also called a pile core. 2. A cylindrical bar or spindle, used chiefly as a support during machining or forming operations.
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Then I push the case forward so the case mouth just engages the mandrel to ensure they're aligned properly.
Gong and Yang [18] simulated and analyzed the effects of mandrel feed rate on the PEEQ distribution in rolling process of a conical ring with outer steps by using the feeding strategy with a constant mandrel feed rate and pointed out that the bigger mandrel feed rate and lower driven roll's rotational speed can improve the mechanical property of rolled rings.
The processing conditions were altered systematically, i.e., the distances between the tips of the needles and the collecting mandrel were varied at 10, 15, 20, and 25 cm, the applied potential differences were 10, 15, and 20 kV and the linear velocities of the collecting mandrel were 0.6 m [s.sup.-1] with the 10 mm mandrel and 1.8, 3.3, 4.8, and 7.3 m [s.sup.-1] with the 80 mm mandrel.
The winding under consideration may be wet or dry: it is called wet when the tape is impregnated with a resin solution and then wound onto the mandrel, and dry when the tape is pre-impregnated with resin (impregnated already at the time of manufacture).
Therefore, in the study, a 3D elastic-plastic FE model of the NC bending process is established using the dynamic explicit FE code ABAQUS/Explicit (ABAQUS, 2011); then, the effect of mandrel on cross section quality of the tube NC bending has been studied.
Less force is required to program the mandrel. In converge tools, the tip extends beyond the ring to prevent parison hang-up.
First method of ESC is mainly used for serial production of cast electroslag billets with semi-closed cavities (Figure 3), which are formed by an immovable reusable mandrel [8].
Boeing denied reports that its 787 program schedule has been affected by a fault in a composite fuselage barrel section.According to Mike Bair, VP and GM-787 program, the fault had been expected owing to a problem with a particular mandrel that developed a flaw.
Instead of a metal plate, the researchers use a cylindrical target called a mandrel to make electrospun fibers arrange themselves into tubular mats.
It looks much like an 8" pair of pliers but the left "jaw" is shaped to hold a cartridge and the right side has an interchangeable mandrel over which you put the empty moon clip.
Abstract: In the cold pilger rolling process, the pipe ingots are rolled out by means of a fixed conical mandrel and two rollers arranged in a roller assembly.