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, mandril
1. a spindle on which a workpiece is supported during machining operations
2. a shaft or arbor on which a machining tool is mounted
3. the driving spindle in the headstock of a lathe
4. Brit a miner's pick

mandrel, mandril

1. A temporary internal support for a light-gauge metal shell during a pile-driving operation; takes the impact of the pile hammer during driving and is then withdrawn before concrete is placed in the shell; also called a pile core. 2. A cylindrical bar or spindle, used chiefly as a support during machining or forming operations.
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En lo relacionado con el desplazamiento de la herramienta hacia la pieza insertada en el mandril, se selecciona un sistema de guias de movimiento lineal [12], las cuales proporcionan un funcionamiento suave gracias a su bajo indice de rozamiento (0,002 a 0,003) y optimizan el reparto de la carga.
Presionando el mandril, se expuso el cepillo de la vaina y se lo hizo girar una vuelta completa (360[grados]) en el mismo sentido de las agujas del reloj, de este modo las cerdas rozaron la mucosa uterina y colectaron la muestra necesaria.
When the shell reduces, it is difficult to control its wall thickness because its inner surface is not supported by mandril and the pipe wall of the shell will be in a free varying state with changing rolling process condition.
who established an exclusively Hanaf[] college and "who over-stressed his fanaticism for his Mandril madhab and associated (himself) with Persians," and Shaykhu, "who [built] a hanqah/madrasa where the Hanafi-s are definitely given priority over the other madhab-s." (75) Fernandes then sensibly positions Yalbugha's proselytizing activities within this overall picture and also refers to similar initiatives by later sultans, including the amir Barquq's unsuccessful attempt in 1379 to transfer privileges from the Shafi'[] chief judge to his Hanaf[] peer.
(44) O relatorio afirma, ainda, que "o tamanho extraordinario de suas nadegas" lhe inspira uma comparacao entre as femeas dos macacos mandril na epoca do cio.
Completacao Inferior COP/TH Trata-se da parte da (Coluna de Producao do coluna de producao Poco/Tubing por onde escoa a Hager-suspensor de coluna) producao do poco, ficando abaixo do mandril do TSR e suspensa pelo packer de producao.
In one of Leonard's more whimsical political texts, "Fear and Politics: A Debate at the Zoo," (1925) a pamphlet written in the wake of the ascendancy of Stanley Baldwin's conservative government in late 1924, the contending points of view are represented by various animals-mainly by the conservative Rhinoceros and the communist revolutionary Mandril (usually spelled "mandrill"; a type of baboon).
Mandril he tocado ya unas cinco veces ahi, y siempre nos ha ido de poca madre, en trato y en dinero todos salimos contentos.
Una de siluetas de vertebrados (vaca, caballo, elefante, cerdo, paloma, perro, gato y mandril), inmoviles, alineados, separados, orientados hacia la derecha.
He lives with his wife, the translator, Charlotte Mandril, in Red Hook, New York.