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Peter Johansen, who was finance director at Manganese Bronze, has been appointed executive vice president of Geely UK's Black Cab operations, the paper concluded.
Earlier this month, Manganese Bronze said it had discovered a defect with new steering boxes in its TX4 models, which were introduced in production at its Coventry factory in late February.
* Manganese Bronze's taxis featured in the closing ceremony of the Olympics
John Russell, Manganese Bronze chief executive, said: "The fires were caused by a series of complex circumstances and, as such, we are still in dialogue with regards to liability.
Azure Dynamics recently announced that former Manganese Bronze Holdings CEO and chairman Jamie Borwick has purchased the Electric Mercury range of electric and hybrid delivery vehicles, which will form the basis of a new trading company to be called Modec, Ltd.
Tomorrow - interims: Rugby Estates; Wednesday - finals: Air Partner, Manganese Bronze.
* Website-Only Article--"Improving Melt Conditioning and Filtration to Improve Feeding Distance and Quality of Manganese Bronze Sand Castings," A.
Zingo, a division of Manganese Bronze Holdings, has introduced a new service that allows residents in London, UK to dial a number and get in touch with a nearby black cab.
(LTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manganese Bronze Holdings PLC, has signed a deal with Brilliance China Automative Holdings Ltd.
Assembly of the famed cab was suspended last year after an IT blunder caused an accounting black hole and defects in steering boxes forced it to recall 400 cabs, with taxi maker Manganese Bronze subsequently going bust.
Mr Russell, who has held senior positions at Manganese Bronze, Harley Davidson and Land Rover, believes companies have a unique chance to take advantage of favourable exchange rates, a desire to buy 'British' and unrivalled investment in automotive, aerospace, medical and renewables.
Just this week came the announcement that Manganese Bronze, the Coventry-maker of London "black cabs" for more than six decades, has been sold to Geely, the private Chinese car maker that owns Volvo.