manganese greensand

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A resin used to oxidize the soluble iron in water and then to filter it out.
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For example, in the Puiga, Parksepa and Kraavi purification systems, which belong to the first type (Manganese Greensand filter), the oxygen level has decreased in cleaned water compared to raw groundwater (Fig.
The Manganese Greensand filter is used in eight purification systems (Krabi 1, Kraavi, Vommorski, Parksepa, Puiga, Misso, Vastseliina, Kose).
Purification systems with the Manganese Greensand filter (type 1) are not able to reduce the manganese content in water to the required level of 50 [micro]g [L.sup.-1] (Fig.
Thus, all available oxygen is used for [Fe.sup.2+] oxidation and the Manganese Greensand filter is able to capture only iron compounds.
For Fe removal, pH must be at least 6.2 (Keller 2005) when Manganese Greensand is used and 6.8 in the case of Birm (Green 1997; Munter et al.
Filter materials such as Manganese Greensand, Birm, Nevtraco, Hydrolit-Mn, Magno-Dol and quartz sand were combined with aeration.