manifest destiny

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manifest destiny,

belief held by many Americans in the 1840s that the United States was destined to expand across the continent, by force, as used against Native Americans, if necessary. The controversy over slavery further fueled expansionism, as the North and South each wanted the nation to admit new states that supported its section's economic, political, and slave policies. By the end of the 19th cent., this belief was used to support expansion in the Caribbean and the Pacific.
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Lastly, the Mexican-American War brought into fruition the doctrine of manifest destiny. The United States acquired Texas in 1846 and believed it had acquired ownership from Mexico over the southwest under the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
While Wilson occasionally used the actual terms "mission" and "Manifest Destiny" in reference to America's duty, (14) especially in reference to global democracy, he most commonly spoke of America's "service" to the world.
Focusing on the career of Kuroita Katsumi, the field's doyen at Tokyo Imperial University, she covers becoming a historian 1874-96, resuscitating the historical field 1896-1908, entrenching the historical field 1908-18, history in action 1918-27, historians' manifest destiny 1927-36, and a historian's death and bequest.
John Reda's relatively succinct and pointed history of the white settlement of the Mississippi Valley challenges the oversimplified and convenient notion of Manifest Destiny.
He has just released his first novel, Manifest Destiny, mainly based on the experiences of his protagonist, Peter Farley, in the "land of the morning calm."
Also available as an ebook, Manifest Destiny: The Path Towards Wisdom is the autobiographical testimony of author, minister, and theologian Dr.
Although Clemencia Lopez's speech did not divert the course of America's "Manifest Destiny," it certainly opened the eyes of those New England ladies who used to believe, until they saw and heard Clemencia, that Filipinas were "savage women" from an uncivilized pagan Philippines that had to be colonized and dominated for its own good.
states' rights in considering why Adams chose to join his native state of Tennessee in secession rather than remain loyal to the US; American imperialism and Manifest Destiny, which sent soldiers like Adams to the West for expansion; the relationship between the US and the Indians in the West; and the rise of the modern military.
FOR MANY YEARS, my only experiences of 101 Spring Street were the glimpses of Donald Judd's desk and Carl Andre's 1986 brick work Manifest Destiny that I saw through the ground-floor windows of the building.
The Mexican-American War lays out a fascinating narrative of manifest destiny and western expansion.
He presents early maps as both historical and cultural documents that serve as original source material that may help readers understand the early stages in what became the process of Manifest Destiny. With emphasis on accurately portraying navigable rivers, fertile lands, and geological barriers to commerce and agriculture, early maps in the hands of expansionists and would-be settlers represented a visual depiction of possibilities for economic development and profit through private land ownership--one of the author's main themes.
It is a story of the ugly side of the Manifest Destiny. Among the characters are the men who later became the military leaders in the American Civil War.