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a public declaration of intent, policy, aims, etc., as issued by a political party, government, or movement
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(1) A solemn address or declaration from some organization that sets forth political views.

(2) An act of a head of state or supreme body of government addressed to the people and relating to some major political event such as a reform of the system of power or the accession of a new monarch.

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This explains why parties without a hope of attaining office issue manifestoes: they provide an opportunity to propagate those parties' analyses of the problems confronting the country, and their solutions.
(5) A substance discussion of this problem can be found throughout the first chapter of Lyon's Manifestoes: Provocations of the Modern.
Voters are advised to read all parties' manifestoes and listen carefully to their campaign debates before they choose who to vote for on July 29.
While she is interested in how manifestoes relate to and seek to encompass an audience semantically and semiotically, she seems only interested in constricting the embrace of her own readership.