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Skillful use of the hands in moving body parts, as reducing a dislocation, or changing the position of a fetus.
(science and technology)
Use of the hands in the performance of a task.
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(1) A movement of the hand or of both hands related to the performance of certain processes (for example, the handling of some mechanism); a complex procedure in hand labor requiring great precision.

(2) A clever swindle, a contrivance, a juggle with facts for the sake of achieving an unseemly goal; the same as a machination.

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Although a significant portion of manipulative posts are for political purposes [11], they also have other objectives, most notably commercial reasons, such as product reviews that unfairly support particular products or negatively comment on other products.
Simply providing students manipulative materials to play with is not going to gain the same benefits.
Kinetic analysis of expertise in spinal manipulative therapy using an instrumented manikin.
As the Dip MT became more popular, there was a move from the NZMTA executive to gain greater credibility for the teaching and delivery of manual and manipulative therapy by forming links with the University sector.
If a coach, mentor or guru comes across a manipulative or slimy, stay away.
Although some illustrations are permissible, an advertisement that contains an image, sound or dramatization that is unduly manipulative is not.
It presents diagnosis of possible dysfunctions, then goes on to explore a variety of osteopathic manipulative techniques, along with their indications and relative contraindications.
While I was delighted to find mention of osteopathy in your latest issue (July/August, "Miracle Pain Relief at Kripalu?"), I was quickly disappointed by the misrepresentation of osteopathic manipulative medicine.
Three years after the first research was done, those who scored higher on antagonism or low agreeableness - especially those who were manipulative and quick to express anger-continued to have thickening of their artery walls.
Summary: A former glamour model has walked free from court despite admitting bigamy and being described as a "manipulative woman" by a judge.
A "MANIPULATIVE and predatory" man was jailed yesterday for stamping a rabbit to death.
The defendants made about $1 million through manipulative trading conducted over the exchangeCOs Globex electronic trading platform, according to the complaint.