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lay figure

an artist's jointed dummy, used in place of a live model, esp for studying effects of drapery
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Lay Figure


a wooden doll with movable arms and legs used by artists for sketching clothing and various human poses.

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The department got the mannequin last year, but training didn't begin until about eight weeks ago because supplies needed for simulations, such as expired medication bottles and empty intravenous medication bags, had to be gathered, Brents said.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 18 (ANI): Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Law Committee chairman and Shiv Sena corporator Sheetal Mhatre has asked the BMC administration to remove illegal lingerie mannequins from shops.
Nike's flagship store in London is the first to have plus-size and para-sport apparel displayed on mannequins in an attempt to celebrate all bodies.
So he took matters into his own hands, and set up a nude mannequin garden party as a way of protest against the rule.
A NORTH Wales firm has developed mannequins weighing 40 stone to help train emergency crews battling the country's obesity crisis.
Fan confessed that after he received the shipment, he kept the valuable mannequins for himself and then discarded the rest in Hsinchu County along a road he thought to be less traveled.
To address that need, Simetri is in the second phase of building and testing a "female retrofit" kit for male mannequins. That would allow instructors to put female body features on existing male mannequins "for a much lower cost than buying a second mannequin that would be on the shelf," Alban said.
The fiberglass Chinese female mannequin could have been alive but it is missing both its arms and legs, so I guess not.
The result of six years of research and technological development, Euveka's female connected mannequin is a technological innovation designed to adapt as closely as possible to the curves and contours of the human body, according to age or morphotypes.
It is the second year running Maja Kenney, 42, of Wrexham and her friend Alex Egan, 43, of Bradley near Malpas, Cheshire, have organised the Bonkers Bikini Walk, only this year men were invited to take part and it had the added element of a Mannequin Challenge finale.
Mannequin producer, Lideimmagine, used ARPRO, an expanded polypropylene bead foam material developed by JSP, for its new range of 'Livelymen'.
Similarly, in "House Bound", the legs of a mannequin covered with these portraits, are bound to the wall.