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To the best of our knowledge, it is still unknown whether usual amounts of administered mannitol (1 g [kg.sup.-1]) in combination with gelatin (5-10 mL [kg.sup.-1]) lead to an impairment of whole blood coagulation and the platelet function.
Saline (0.9% NaCl), mannitol (20% wt/vol; dissolved in saline; MW=182.17), and conivaptan (10 or 20 mg/ml=18.5 or 37 mg [kg.sup.-1]; dissolved in 5% final DMSO vol/vol; MW=535.04) were applied to the relevant groups by the infusion into the jugular vein for 30 minutes (I ml/h) at the beginning of reperfusion [13].
The company's Mannogem XL mannitol is being unveiled at CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, Spain, PharmSci 360 in Washington, DC as well as CPhI India in New Delhi.
Relative contraindication: Mannitol may slightly impede normal coagulation.
The risk factors included into the multivariate analysis were male gender, active smoking, seizures before intubation, ventriculostomy, use of mannitol, and enteral feeding above 20 kcal x [kg.sup.-1] x [day.sup.-1] after day 7.
Two experiments were conducted, one with the osmotic agent polyethylene glycol (PEG 6000) and the other with mannitol. In both, the experimental design was completely randomized, with treatments arranged in 6 x 2 factorial scheme (osmotic potentials x temperatures), with four replicates of 25 seeds.
Superior in vitro aerodynamic outcomes were noted for mixture of albuterol and ipratropium with trehalose dihydrate in contrast with [alpha]-LM and mannitol [73].
Mannitol is chemically inert, has low moisture content and is a non-reducing sugar, making it suitable for formulation as it will not react with the API.
Four different regimens were used for intraoperative ureteral evaluation: 1) oral phenazopyridine 200 mg, 2) intravenous sodium fluorescein 25 mg, 3) mannitol bladder distention, and 4) normal saline bladder distention.
The treatments were: i) Drought stress, that is water being withheld from the group of plants, ii) Watering treatment with 200 mM NaCl, iii) 200mM mannitol solution treatment, iv) 100 [micro]M methyl jasmonate treatment and v) Control treatment: watered with tap water.
[2] Many studies were conducted to assess the effect of corticosteroids, mannitol, and glycerol but they failed to give good results in reducing ICP.
Nevertheless, sugars such as mannitol do not have the reactive group necessary for covalent binding to proteins and production of a stable complex [4].