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manor house,

dwelling house of the feudal lord of a manor, occupied by him only on occasional visits if he held many manors. Although not built specifically for fortification as castles were, many manor houses were partly fortified; they were enclosed within walls or moats that sometimes included the farm buildings as well. The primary feature of the manor house was its great hall, to which subsidiary apartments were added as the lessening of feudal warfare permitted peaceful domestic life. By the beginning of the 16th cent., manor houses as well as smaller castles began to acquire the character and amenities of the residences of country gentlemen. This transformation produced the smaller Renaissance châteaux of France and the numerous country mansions of the Elizabethan and Jacobean styles in England.


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Manor house

The house occupied by the lord of a manor; the most important house in a country or village neighborhood.
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manor house

1. Usually, an imposing house in a countryside, often the residence of a landowner with considerable acreage.
2. A relatively simple one-room house of early colonists in America, having a gable roof, clapboard walls, a battened door, a window at the front of the house with solid shutters, and a chimney at one or at each end.
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manor house

(esp formerly) the house of the lord of a manor
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"We conducted this research because we found a crack in the floor and we had to find out what is underneath to avoid any unpleasant situation," said the coordinator of manor house reconstruction, Viera Kozarova, as quoted by the TASR newswire.Ornaments similar to Fiakovo CastlePreservationists agreed with the research and it was successful.
The two-bedroomed home, which lies off the main A449 around a mile and a half north of Stourton, was a later addition to the Regency manor house that was originally built for the wealthy Foley family.
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