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for French architects thus named, use Mansart.



a space (usually living space) in the attic of a building that has a pitched roof consisting of two parts: a gently sloping upper part and a steep lower part. A mansard serves as a useful additional space, and the roof itself extends the dimensions of a building. This type of roof construction was extensively used for the first time in France by the architect N. F. Mansart, after whom it was named. In the broad sense, the Russian term mansarda is any room set up in an attic under a high roof.


1. a roof having two slopes on both sides and both ends, the lower slopes being steeper than the upper
2. an attic having such a roof
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Like a dangerously deconstructing mansard roof, this fragmented Cubist assemblage marks the main entrance, which is energetically sliced off the corner facing across the Parc de Bercy.