mantis shrimp

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mantis shrimp,

marine crustaceancrustacean
, primarily aquatic arthropod of the subphylum Crustacea. Most of the 44,000 crustacean species are marine, but there are many freshwater forms. The few groups that inhabit terrestrial areas have not been particularly successful in an evolutionary sense; most require
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 of the order Stomatopoda, characterized by a pair of enlarged appendages, called maxillipeds, that form powerful claws for seizing prey. The last two segments of each of these legs are strong and sharp, and the end segment is folded back over the next segment to make a scissorslike cut. Mantis shrimps have stalked eyes and flattened abdomens with appendages bearing gills. They are usually found in warm shallow tropical or subtropical seas. A number of species are quite large, reaching 1 ft (30 cm) or more in size. Mantis shrimps are an important seafood outside the Western Hemisphere. They are classified separately from either true shrimpsshrimp,
small marine decapod crustacean with 10 jointed legs on the thorax, well-developed swimmerets on the abdominal segments, and a body that is compressed laterally.
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 or praying mantises (see mantidmantid
or mantis,
name applied to the large, slender, slow-moving, winged insects of the family Mantidae in the order Mantodea. Predatory insects, mantids have strong, elongate, spiny front legs, used for grasping prey.
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), whose forelimbs the maxillipeds superficially resemble. Mantis shrimps are grouped in the phylum ArthropodaArthropoda
[Gr.,=jointed feet], largest and most diverse animal phylum. The arthropods include crustaceans, insects, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, scorpions, and the extinct trilobites.
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, subphylum Crustacea, class Malacostraca, order Stomatopoda.
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These particular kinds of mantis shrimp are difficult to come by because they are so small.
The club-wielding mantis shrimps are called smashers, because they smash open hard-shelled prey to get at their food.
Caption: The powerful vision of the mantis shrimp holds promise for imaging technology.
The team determined that mantis shrimp display circular polarised patterns on the body, particularly on the legs, head and heavily armoured tail; these are the regions most visible when when they curl up during conflict.
In fact, the worst the mantis shrimp could possibly have done is if Bear had decided to cook one up in a stir fry and got it stuck in his windpipe.
Among the remarkable creatures he goes in search of is the Mantis Shrimp, a type of crustacean with the most sophisticated eyes in the natural world, each with over 10,000 hexagonal lenses.
Being neither shrimp nor mantids, the Mantis shrimp are marine crustaceans, the members of the order Stomatopoda, receiving their name purely from the physical resemblance to both.
For Deadly 60 he travelled the world looking at the most inspiring predators, from boxing mantis shrimp to charging tigers.
Mantis shrimp are so strange they've earned the nickname "shrimp from Mars.
Group Species Scientific name Design 1 Nylon shrimp Heterocarpus reedi M T 2 South Pacific hake Merluccius gayi M T 2 Bigeye flounder Hippoglossina macrops M T 1 Yellow squat lobster Cervimunida johni M T 1 Armored box crab Mursia gaudichaudi M T 2 Cardinalfish Epigonus crassicaudus M T 2 Aconcagua grenadier Coelorhynchus aconcagua M T 3 Dusky catshark Halaelurus canescens M T 1 Mantis shrimp Pterygosquilla armata M T 1 Squat lobster Pleuroncodes monodon M T Catch Group Species "Amancay I" "Isabel S" 1 Nylon shrimp 6,883.
I spotted a brightly colored mantis shrimp making its best attempt to edge out of my view.
4) of the diet by weight, and mantis shrimp (Squilla empusa--11.