manufactured house

prefabricated house

A house assembled from components cut to size at a factory, or assembled from building modules shipped to the construction site.
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It is difficult to import a manufactured house, requiring the labour costs to be spent in the UK and securing jobs here in Great Britain.
One in every six housing starts nationwide in 2000 was a manufactured house. In the South, manufactured homes account for an even greater share of new single family housing.
"The main reason for the decrease in placements is the reasonable mortgage rates, which enables many more buyers to afford a stick-built house rather than a manufactured house," explains Lex Adams, a research consultant for The Meyers Group.
"Whenever home buyers can afford a stick-built in comparison to a manufactured house, they will almost always opt for the site-built house," Adams says.
The manufactured house strikes me as a convenient and cost-effective solution to an inconvenient problem.
Many fine, hardworking Arkansans live in manufactured houses, and one of the "Wealthiest Arkansans" identified by this publication last week built his fortune selling the things.
Today's manufactured house bears little resemblance to a trailer.
It seems clear, then, that regulations in those counties and municipalities that restrict mobile homes or manufactured homes to certain zoning districts or that otherwise impose restrictions on mobile homes or manufactured houses that are different from conventional stick-built housing will not be upheld against challenge.
Furthermore, both empty nest households and first-time homebuyers will continue to seek affordable, easy-to-maintain homes such as multisection manufactured houses.
That means builders can sell manufactured houses for less than their traditional product: The average price of a 1,600-square-foot, multisection manufactured home is $47,300, while the average home buyer pays $124,650 plus the price of land for a 2,125-square-foot, site-built home.
In Newport Beach, Calif., RGC Corp., known for its innovative high-density housing, is selling manufactured houses for $78,000 across the harbor from $3 million homes.
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