manufactured house

prefabricated house

A house assembled from components cut to size at a factory, or assembled from building modules shipped to the construction site.
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The main reason for the decrease in placements is the reasonable mortgage rates, which enables many more buyers to afford a stick-built house rather than a manufactured house," explains Lex Adams, a research consultant for The Meyers Group.
Whenever home buyers can afford a stick-built in comparison to a manufactured house, they will almost always opt for the site-built house," Adams says.
That means builders can sell manufactured houses for less than their traditional product: The average price of a 1,600-square-foot, multisection manufactured home is $47,300, while the average home buyer pays $124,650 plus the price of land for a 2,125-square-foot, site-built home.
The model home complex showcases private-label manufactured houses produced for HomeMax by Champion Enterprises, one of the country's largest manufacturers of factory-built housing.
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