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A metamorphic rock composed largely of calcite or dolomite; often highly polished to enhance its appearance; available in different colors that result from differences in mineral content.
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Requiring all areas to reduce nitrate run-off or greenhouse gas emissions uniformly in the MARB would not be the most efficient strategy because not all areas contribute equally to the environmental outcome or have the same cost of abatement.
Depending on the assigned tier, municipalities under MARB's oversight are required to submit multi-year financial plans and seek contract and collective bargaining approvals, and could be subject to revenue increase limitations and other stipulations that relieve a municipality of its home rule authority.
"This discovery challenges the conventional wisdom that, once established, scar is permanent and that, once lost, healthy heart muscle cannot be restored," said Marb?n, The Mark S.
"So we decided to have some fun with the slogan and kick off the holiday fun with the first ever 'Marbs and Carbs' package." * The offer applies to new bookings only and must be redeemed by midnight on June 17.
And the Spanish holiday resort, home of the television semi-reality series Life on Marbs, really is the only way to build team spirit according to Coady.
"HERE in Marbs, you have to keep your wits about you," warns local bar floozy Suzy without a hint of irony in the opening credits of Life on Marbs.
A cracking start for ITVBe's new structured reality triumph Life On Marbs as the lovely Lina tells us all about the change...
LIFE ON MARBS AFTER Towie, Made in Chelsea and the Real Housewives of Cheshire, a reality TV series set in Marbella is just what TV viewers don't need.
THE ONLY WAY IS MARBS Sun ITV2 10pm NEW SERIES She made her grand entrance at the end of the last series and, as The Only Way Is Essex returns for its 12th run, Lydia Bright is thrilled to be back full-time.
Dan Osborne will make women pass out because he just showcased his washboard ripped abs in a new promotional video for "The Only Way is Marbs" shot in Marbella, Spain.