Welsh Marches

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Welsh Marches,

lands in Wales along the English border. After the Norman conquest of England in the 11th cent., William I established the border earldoms of Chester, Shrewsbury, and Hereford to protect his English kingdom. Norman barons were encouraged by William's successors to conquer and hold other earldoms in the east of Wales. These nobles ruled as petty feudal princes, owing allegiance only to the king. Attempts to control the resulting lawlessness were made by Edward I and by Edward IV, who set up the Council of Wales and the Marches in 1471. Finally the act of Union (1536) abolished the more than 100 marcher lordships, providing for their division into Welsh shires or their incorporation into English counties.
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The marchers went past a cafe where 17 people, including eight French nationals, died in a bomb attack on April 28.
The marchers were demanding relief from alleged religious suppression of Khmer Krom by Vietnamese authorities, and had hoped to deliver a protest letter to the Vietnamese Embassy but were dispersed by some 150 riot police.
I had been advised that the Lord Marcher, otherwise known as Mark Roberts, was 'a character'.
In a statement issued after yesterday's ruling, Mr Roberts said, 'The Lord Marcher of Trelleck regrets that so much adverse reaction has been caused because he has offered to grant rights of way to the residents of Peterstone who cross his land.
Owner Elmo Nier, whose single Chelsea 20-by-60-foot property at 755 Sixth Avenue was a target of the marchers, said Duane's statement is untrue and his only wish was to have a legitimate tenant.
As a 20-year-old, Mr Shiels was on a government work scheme in London when the marchers approached the capital.
Cathylene Maluya, one of the marchers, said Kadamay wanted the houses given to them for free, which had made it more difficult for her to legally own her home.
A ruling in 2008 said that marcher lordships - bestowed on Englishmen by their kings to guard the England-Wales border - no longer exist.
Marcher first appeared in late 2013 on a Russian cybercrime forum and it is used to collect credit card data from user devices.
In 2015 two families of mobile banking Trojans (Faketoken and Marcher) appeared in the rankings of the top 10 financial malware families.
"When John Marcher makes his initial attempt to pin down that "something or other" (457) (1) awaiting him, he compares it metaphorically to a beast crouching in a jungle.