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a German nobleman ranking above a count. Margraves were originally counts appointed to govern frontier provinces, but all had become princes of the Holy Roman Empire by the 12th century



originally an official in the Carolingian empire and the Holy Roman Empire.

The office of margrave was established by Charlemagne to administer marches. The margrave enjoyed broader powers than an ordinary count—particularly permanent military authority. With the development of feudalism, margraves became semi-independent or independent rulers of entire regions; in Germany they became princes. In France, Spain, and Italy, margrave (marquess) is one of the highest titles of nobility.

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During a return to court, Margraves told the judge that he just snapped.
At a news conference, Margraves repeated his apology and insisted he's "no hero.
Randall Margraves, father of three victims, lunges in court at Larry Nassar, bottom right
Margraves then rushed at Nassar and had to be tackled by bailiffs and as he was handcuffed he yelled,"I want that son of a b***.
Margraves had to be restrained by three court security officers, according to the reports.
Before lunging at the former Team USA doctor, Margraves begged the judge: "Grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon.
After Cunningham admonished Margraves, he tried to charge at Nassar.
CFD allows us to look inside our design to gain a far greater understanding than we were ever able to achieve with physical testing results alone," Margraves said.
Margraves said only 2 of the past 12 seasons have been successful for producers and he is worried about how many growers will survive a 13th losing season.
The strength of noble pledge-holders' position in general, and of district governors in particular, both in absolute terms and relative to the prince, is well reflected in the structure of the debts of the Franconian margraves of Brandenburg.
Johann Reinhard (1714-1772), the Margrave of Baden-Durlach, was also "a passionate collector of minerals," and a friend of Caroline Louise.
The judge cautioned Margraves after he called Nassar a profanity.