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see daisydaisy
[O.E.,=day's eye], name for several common wildflowers of the family Asteraceae (aster family). The daisy of literature, the true daisy, is Bellis perennis, called in the United States English daisy.
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For French women thus named, use Margaret.


borne to heaven by angels. [Fr. Opera: Faust, Westerman, 183–185]


1. a cultivated garden plant, Chrysanthemum frutescens, whose flower heads have white or pale yellow rays around a yellow disc: family Asteraceae (composites)
2. any of various related plants with daisy-like flowers, esp C. leucanthemum
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As he arrives in Paris for the first time, the young and naive Armand is utterly captivated by Marguerite -- who is renowned for her beauty but also plagued by illness.
Don't worry Marguerite - I think our secret is safe.
just amazing my Marguerite, 54, who is known as Margo and has a daughter of her own, said: "She made the right decision at the time - I know she did.
La Marguerite became a Merseysippi mini floating Las Vegas in which many season ticket holders booked private cabins to play Pontoon as well as Solo (a Spanish version of Whist).
The mother (Laure Duthilleul) gives Marguerite a small penknife and explains that this is her daughter's most precious possession, more than dolls.
Intensidad y dolor de una vida se menciona un detalle gracioso, gracioso porque se narra desde la voz de Marguerite, y en sus conocidas rivalidades con Simone de Beauvoir--sobre todo con esta--y su tocaya, Marguerite Yourcenar.
He argues, for example, that Marguerite was likely killed at the Place de Greve because on the same day a "relapsed Jew" was also put to the stake.
The art historian Roberta Tarbell has suggested that Marguerite may have even met Muir before leaving Fresno to study art in Paris in 1908.
Marguerite Thoresen did not answer repeated requests, by phone, e-mail and letter, for comment.
In the emotional tribute, Marguerite recalled happier days when her daughter played outside the family home in south-east France.
Die roman speel in die veertiende eeu in Vlaandere af en die verteller en hoofkarakter is Marguerite van Male, die enigste dogter van haar pa, die graaf van Vlaandere.