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human or animal figure, generally of a small size and performing on a miniature stage, manipulated by an unseen operator who usually speaks the dialogue. A distinction is made between marionettes, moved by strings or wires from above, and hand puppets, in which the hand
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one of various types of puppets used in some kind of theatrical show.

A marionette simulates the human anatomy and is moved by strings that are attached to its head or joints. The strings are gathered together and attached to a control, or crutch. By holding the control in one hand and plucking the various strings with the other, the puppeteer controls the movements of the marionette. Another type of marionette is controlled by a metal rod that is attached to its head. The arms and legs usually hang freely and swing with the movement of the body, creating an illusion of walking and gesturing. Instead of a crutch, this marionette has a rod bent to form a wide hook. Marionettes controlled by rods are often one-third human height (in Belgium and Sicily). Most marionettes are made of wood.

Written records of marionettes go back to antiquity, and marionettes have been found in excavations. In Western Europe, marionette theater as a form of folk drama (presented primarily at fairs) was most fully developed in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Russian term marionetka is also used to designate a person, government, or state that is an obedient tool of another authority.


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an articulated puppet or doll whose jointed limbs are moved by strings
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A marionette is only manipulated by strings attached to an overhead frame.
In addition to marionette shows, the program also features puppet workshops and film screenings.
Its aesthetic conceit is the use of marionettes to enact this historic encounter between Christendom and Islam.
Baker's credits included orchestrating marionette work on more than 250 films, such as ''GI Blues'' and ''Escape from Witch Mountain.
While the first part of the trilogy used two-hundred-year-old marionettes from an Italian collection, Shawky had new puppets made out of ceramic for his second video.
The wooden marionettes of Karromato, a performance by puppeteers from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Spain, and is the latest addition in a series of family fun shows organised by the Bahrain Summer Festival.
Every day, the young girl sneaks into the schoolhouse to watch the marionette performance.
Joe 90 was the last of Anderson's productions, which also included Stingray, to be filmed in Supermarionation (a combination of super, marionette and animation).
And so it seemed she was all graph and seam, more marionette than mother.
McCormick is, in fact, uniquely positioned to write this study from the point of view of both a practicing puppeteer and a university lecturer whose previous meticulously researched volumes, Popular Puppet Theater in Europe, 1800-1914, co-authored with Bennie Pratasik (Cambridge UP, 1998), and The Victorian Marionette Theatre, with Clodagh McCormick and John Phillips (U of Iowa P, 2004), explore puppetry throughout Europe and in Victorian England.
According to Dimitrovski, the legal rules apply for the lustration and if the headman of this body serves us the lustration as a game, then he must explain the rules to us according to which he plays and whose marionette he is.