market gardening

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market gardening,

cultivation, on suburban land of high value, of vegetables and flowers for the supply of nearby cities. Heavy fertilizing and the planting of successive crops are employed to obtain continuous returns from the acreage. Sales are to greengrocers and florists, principally through commission agents. See truck farmingtruck farming,
horticultural practice of growing one or more vegetable crops on a large scale for shipment to distant markets. It is usually less intensive and diversified than market gardening. At first this type of farming depended entirely on local or regional markets.
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See R. Webber, Market Gardening (1972).

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In NSW, 10.2 percent were involved in mining, 35.8 percent in market gardening, 4.7 percent in pastoral activities, 3.5 percent in other agriculture, and 5.9 percent in labouring.
The first mention of market gardening in the Braidwood District was not until 1870.
Instead, the Mount Alexander Chinese were employed in other occupations, particularly market gardening. CF Yong, informed by Oddie, suggests that Chinese in Victoria between 1870 and 1890 were successful as market gardeners because they 'were able to undersell their European competitors largely because of their superior skill and industry'.
Avis Mysyk does not deal so much with the first question but she provides some insight into the second one by examining social relations in the province's commercial market gardening industry.
Mysyk also provides a useful sketch of the history of market gardening in Manitoba from its early origins as subsistence farming to a multi-million dollar commercial industry today.