market research

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market research,

organized use of sample surveys, pollspoll,
technique for ascertaining the attitudes or opinions of the total, or some segment of the total, population on given questions, usually on political, economic, and social conditions.
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, focus groups, and other techniques to study market characteristics (e.g., ages and incomes of consumers; consumer attitudes) and improve the efficiency of sales and distribution. Development of new products, opening of new markets, measurement of advertising effectiveness, and knowledge of business competitors are among its basic aims. Developed in the United States in the early 20th cent., the field expanded rapidly after World War II, spreading to Europe and Japan.

market research

the use of sample surveys to establish consumer wants, e.g. the likely demand for a new product. Compare COMMERCIAL ETHNOGRAPHY. See also LIFESTYLE.
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Elanco Global Market Research Manager Cynthia Sanchez says market research is best used in different periods of product development and commercialization.
Alternatively, the rise of market research could be seen not as threatening or malign but as a silly sign of our society's swelling wealth.
com) Products: Full-service market research and strategic consulting firm with farm panel research, mail and Internet surveys, focus groups and personal interviews
The focus of our market research is sharper than it has been in the past with more attention than ever being placed on "need to know" versus "nice to know" information gathering.
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