market research

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market research,

organized use of sample surveys, pollspoll,
technique for ascertaining the attitudes or opinions of the total, or some segment of the total, population on given questions, usually on political, economic, and social conditions.
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, focus groups, and other techniques to study market characteristics (e.g., ages and incomes of consumers; consumer attitudes) and improve the efficiency of sales and distribution. Development of new products, opening of new markets, measurement of advertising effectiveness, and knowledge of business competitors are among its basic aims. Developed in the United States in the early 20th cent., the field expanded rapidly after World War II, spreading to Europe and Japan.
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market research

the use of sample surveys to establish consumer wants, e.g. the likely demand for a new product. Compare COMMERCIAL ETHNOGRAPHY. See also LIFESTYLE.
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As stated earlier, GAO's case study of DoD's contracting of market research was inadequate in many ways, including its determination of price reasonableness.
In other segments, the thinking is largely short-term and marketing is rather tactical than being strategic or long term; hence market research is not given the priority that it deserves.
The downside of secondary market research is that it is not customized to your needs so it may not be as useful as primary market research.
Regional and international market research, advertising and marketing experts will take the stage at the two-day conference organised by ESOMAR Live, to share regional business and market research issues, as well as learning and networking opportunities.
She said basic marKet research could help develop new customers, products and services, help to retain existing customers and give firms an insight into how their brands are perceived.
"Market research can provide guidance to management on both strategy and reputation, has potential public relations benefits both internally and externally and is regarded as management best practice in most developed countries," he said.
Sally has more than 20 years experience in market research and marketing for major businesses, including Boots, Cadbury's and Advantage West Midlands and as a director of Millward Brown.
Having seen a gap in the Merseyside market for market research consultancies, David decided to leave the company he was working for, to go it alone.
Norwegian IT company Confirmit ASA said on Thursday (27 December) that it has signed a 36-month software licence contract with a global market research company.
"When our management team looked back on our collective experience in launching new products, we agreed that many hurdles could have been avoided by conducting solid market research during the early phases of development," said Roger Heegaard, president of Enova.
Editor's note: We invited leading ag market research firms to provide their insights on some projects they have been conducting.
We are typically retained to assist clients in the areas of market research, brand management, institutional marketing and enrollment management.

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