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market research,

organized use of sample surveys, pollspoll,
technique for ascertaining the attitudes or opinions of the total, or some segment of the total, population on given questions, usually on political, economic, and social conditions.
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, focus groups, and other techniques to study market characteristics (e.g., ages and incomes of consumers; consumer attitudes) and improve the efficiency of sales and distribution. Development of new products, opening of new markets, measurement of advertising effectiveness, and knowledge of business competitors are among its basic aims. Developed in the United States in the early 20th cent., the field expanded rapidly after World War II, spreading to Europe and Japan.

market research

the use of sample surveys to establish consumer wants, e.g. the likely demand for a new product. Compare COMMERCIAL ETHNOGRAPHY. See also LIFESTYLE.
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22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Instantly(TM), the leading audiences and insights solutions provider, today announced key updates that let market researchers, sample buyers and marketers order sample with greater ease.
CBI is looking for market researchers with highly analytical and professional skills to interpret and analyse trends, developments and foresights for the target groups of CBI.
It invests much of its profits back into its employees in order to produce some of the most highly trained market researchers in the industry giving it an edge over its competitors.
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All valid market researchers carry an authentic ID card which states they are members of the MRS (the Market Research Society) and, as such, have to abide by the MRS code of conduct.
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The advanced features we're launching today specifically help market researchers obtain real-time trend analysis on customer experience data and share it organization-wide within one simple platform.
RCR has gained worldwide acclaim for affordably bringing information from diverse conferences to the desks and easy chairs of busy and curious market researchers.
Now the long tail of market researchers, amateur or professional, can afford to study the long tail of topics - not just which cola people prefer, but what features would appeal to swimmers in a pool thermometer.

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