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market research,

organized use of sample surveys, pollspoll,
technique for ascertaining the attitudes or opinions of the total, or some segment of the total, population on given questions, usually on political, economic, and social conditions.
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, focus groups, and other techniques to study market characteristics (e.g., ages and incomes of consumers; consumer attitudes) and improve the efficiency of sales and distribution. Development of new products, opening of new markets, measurement of advertising effectiveness, and knowledge of business competitors are among its basic aims. Developed in the United States in the early 20th cent., the field expanded rapidly after World War II, spreading to Europe and Japan.
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market research

the use of sample surveys to establish consumer wants, e.g. the likely demand for a new product. Compare COMMERCIAL ETHNOGRAPHY. See also LIFESTYLE.
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Market researchers place the overall men's grooming market in the United States at between $4 billion and $5 billion a year and say it could reach the $10-billion-a-year plateau by 2008.
The survey, of 1,006 adults, was carried out by market researchers Taylor Nelson Soffres in October last year for Healthnow, a health insurance company.
"We are interested in youth in terms of their financial capacity, their influence as potential market researchers, while providing us with consumer profiles and a great capacity for recruiting other young people," says Gomez.
"There is no longer an engineering department at Lear, or an industrial design studio," says Murray, "We don't have independent groups, we have initiatives where engineers, industrial designers and market researchers work together."
They noted that the new security features could be the driving force to expand the memory card market which last year saw worldwide sales of some 45 million flash memory cards, according to market researchers at International Data Corp.
The number of people in Hungary that are obtaining an online bank account is growing, according to a report from market researchers GKI and Netsurvey.
At the MRS Conference as long ago as 1969, David Pickard was urging researchers to integrate and interpret all data available to provide guidance as well as facts, while at the 1983 conference the MRS President Ralf Dahrendorf advocated the development of more multi-disciplinary 'straddlers' to bridge the gap between market researchers and marketing management.
All this has nothing to do with bulging strategic planning notebooks, expensive classes at the local university or full-time market researchers. The key is a CEO who is willing and able to lead, and smart enough to get the help he or she needs to make things happen in the best possible way.
SPSS MR offers an integrated suite of survey research and business intelligence technology products designed to facilitate data collection, data management, and analytical reporting for market researchers. Leading market research firms rely on SPSS MR to power their online surveys.
The 200-page directory is widely used by industry executives, market researchers, financial analysts and manufacturing engineers worldwide to locate manufacturing machinery and equipment.
Below, three market researchers and a manager of marketing research reveal how clients and suppliers are working together to achieve cost-effective, efficient and value-added research, while at the same time being sensitive to the needs of those participating in studies.

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