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1. a place where a public market is held
2. the commercial world of buying and selling


A building or open place in which produce, usually of local origin, is sold.

online app store

A website for downloading free and paid applications to smartphones, tablets and computers. Launched with the iPhone 3G in 2008, Apple's App Store popularized the concept of an online store for downloading applications. Following are the app stores in this encyclopedia:

    See  Google Play.

    See  Amazon Appstore.

    See  Galaxy Store.


    See  Chrome Web Store.

 APPLE-----------------iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    See  Apple App Store.

   Mac OS X
    See  Mac App Store.

    See  BlackBerry App World.

 WINDOWS and XBOX---------  Microsoft Store
    See  Microsoft Store.

App Stores Are Everywhere
Smart TVs have built-in apps, and third-party apps are available from the vendor's own online store.

Windows Marketplace

A Microsoft online store launched in 2004 and merged into the Microsoft Store in 2009. Windows Marketplace offered hardware, packaged software and downloadable apps from third parties. Using the user's Windows Live ID, Windows Marketplace provided a digital locker feature that unified licenses for downloading software on authorized PCs. See Microsoft Store.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile
An app store for Windows Mobile, Microsoft's first smartphone platform, went online in 2009. Three years later, it was superseded by Windows Phone Store for Microsoft's new mobile platform. See Windows Phone Store and Windows Mobile.
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It certainly made a blaze of light and colour, almost as if a rainbow had suddenly descended into the marketplace, when, one fine morning, the shutters were taken down from the new shop, and the two windows displayed their decorations.
As for the Duc de Beaufort, he arrived from Vendome, according to the annals of the day, bringing with him his high bearing and his long and beautiful hair, qualifications which gained him the sovereignty of the marketplaces.
This increases Facebook's responsibility to providing a safe marketplace to its users.
The definition of the marketplace model as per the new guidelines debars e-commerce platforms from having a say in after-sales services.
Institutional investors are turning their favorable attitudes about the marketplace lending industry into action, increasing their investment in the sector over the past year, according to a new report by Richards Kibbe & Orbe LLP and Wharton FinTech.
"I don't know where these folks are going," said Kramer, speaking of people who buy coverage on the state's insurance marketplace Covered California.
The change in title foregrounds the marketplace, and there has been some reorganization and rearrangement although the subheadings and text are often the same.
AHOLD USA IS "A MOVING on up" in the gourmet food world with its purchase of Eastside Marketplace, a one-unit Providence, R.I., upscale supermarket.
Early online marketplaces were initially launched as an extension of traditional marketplace categories, such as fashion, electronics, and books.
All 2014 Marketplace health plans will come up for renewal in 2015.
Online fashion destination Zalora brings an exciting array of new Filipino fashion talent to online shoppers through the recently launched Zalora Marketplace. With Zalora's combined 15 million visits per month to its sites across the region, Marketplace gives independent fashion designers and boutiques the opportunity to expand their business and reach new customers online.