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italicum 'Marmoratum' is a close relation of our native arum, lords and ladies or cuckoo pint, and has the same stems of red berries in autumn.
There is a marbled leaf variety called Marmoratum, which is very attractive and an excellent ground cover for this time of year - arrow-shaped leaves with creamy white veins.
Telmatobius marmoratus junto con Rhinella spinulosa y Pleurodema marmoratum aprovecharon, para reproducirse, los nuevos cuerpos de agua formados por los deshielos de los glaciales (producidos por el calentamiento global) (Seimon et al.
Theridion marmoratum L&F transf to Enoplognatha
'Marmoratum' can only be described as stunning, with arrow shaped leaves, marked with spots and silver or light green coloured veins.
WITH its grey marbled leaves Arum italicum Marmoratum is worthy of a place in the border as a foliage plant alone.
There are a number of plants to include in an herbaceous border too such as Arum italicum Marmoratum with its spear-shaped, grey, marble leaves and greenish-white flowers.
ARUM italicum Marmoratum, also known as Arum italicum Pictum, is often treated as an herbaceous plant but, in many more sheltered gardens, or in the milder regions of the country, it will keep plenty of its attractively marked leaves throughout the year - even warming your colour scheme in the depths of winter.