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1. a large tent used for entertainment, exhibition, etc.
2. Chiefly US and Canadian a canopy over the entrance to a theatre, hotel, etc.
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A permanent projecting roof-like shelter over an entrance to a building, often displaying information about performances.
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marquee, marquise

A permanent roof-like shelter over an entrance to a building.
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On Saturday, the group set up a wildlifethemed marquee for organisations to show off what they were doing at all levels of wildlife and marine conservation.
The freak cloud ripped through tables and chairs which had been laid out for the celebratory dinner and sent their marquee flying '100ft into the air.'.
Bryan Davies said the marquee was predominantly used for charitable and Welsh language events at The Shepherd's Country Inn,Felindre, and that they weren't too noisy.
Michael McCarthy will be responsible for driving the success of Marquee Sports Network, as its first GM.
The police arrested 3 managers including Tariq Mehmood of Executive Marquee while Salman and Shafaqat Ali of Silver Spoon Marriage Hall and locked them behind bars.
The notice reads: 'You were directed to get your establishment of marquee regularized and public notices were also issued.
Clubs were allowed to count the first PS150,000 of a nominated player's wage on the cap and two years ago they were given the go-ahead for two marquee players.
"From where I'm sitting, high-quality marquee players across the board gives us more assets."
Following the Telegraph's initial article on this story, The Farmhouse has now released a statement in which it describes the whole situation as "marquee malarkey" and says the council has missed out on "hundreds of thousands" of extra pounds it could have received due to the expansion, by demanding that it be removed.
In conjunction with the acquisition, Marquee Brands has entered into a long-term license agreement with JR286, which has acquired the operating assets of Dakine and will become Marquee Brands' long-term operating partner for the brand.
The Morris Plains-based Marquee announced its acquisition of EAS on Tuesday, expanding the company to include 10 physical locations over 16 markets.