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marquee, marquise

A permanent roof-like shelter over an entrance to a building.
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"Marquise! dear marquise!" added Fouquet, ready to prostrate himself.
"I am happy in thinking this waiting has appeared long to you, marquise!"
"If the marquise will deign to repeat the words I but imperfectly caught, I shall be delighted to answer," said M.
"Never mind, Renee," replied the marquise, with a look of tenderness that seemed out of keeping with her harsh dry features; but, however all other feelings may be withered in a woman's nature, there is always one bright smiling spot in the desert of her heart, and that is the shrine of maternal love.
Newman sat down and looked about him, while Valentin went and kissed the hand of the young marquise.
The young marquise put her hands behind her and gave a downward pull to the waist of her dress.
Thoughts of Tanya as a marquise, of Dolly, all had vanished.
"My dear," said the Marquise d'Espard to the Comtesse Feraud, Louis XVIII.'s last mistress, "Paris is certainly unique.
To launch his supposed mistress successfully, he was endeavoring to persuade the Marquise d'Espard, Madame de Nucingen, and the countess, in an eight-ear conversation, that they had better admit Madame Rabourdin to their coalition; and Madame de Camps was supporting him.
The marquise, a royalist of course, had been mayor of the commune which includes Ploumar, the scattered hamlets of the coast, and the stony islands that fringe the yellow flatness of the sands.
She still appeared in her Marquise costume and danced a minuet with Monsieur de Truffigny, Monsieur Le Duc de la Jabotiere's attache; and the Duke, who had all the traditions of the ancient court, pronounced that Madame Crawley was worthy to have been a pupil of Vestris, or to have figured at Versailles.
"Mais comment est Madame la Marquise? Est elle bien?"