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(in various countries) a nobleman ranking above a count, corresponding to a British marquess. The title of marquis is often used in place of that of marquess


Don(ald Robert Perry). 1878--1937, US humorist; author of archy and mehitabel (1927)



(1) In the Carolingian empire, the same as a margrave.

(2) In medieval France and Italy from the tenth century, a prominent feudal lord, hierarchically located between a duke and a count.

(3) An inherited aristocratic title in several Western European states (France, Italy, Spain).

References in classic literature ?
Never mind, Renee," replied the marquise, with a look of tenderness that seemed out of keeping with her harsh dry features; but, however all other feelings may be withered in a woman's nature, there is always one bright smiling spot in the desert of her heart, and that is the shrine of maternal love.
Still, marquise, it has been so with other usurpers -- Cromwell, for instance, who was not half so bad as Napoleon, had his partisans and advocates.
True," replied the marquise, without wincing in the slightest degree at the tragic remembrance thus called up; "but bear in mind, if you please, that our respective parents underwent persecution and proscription from diametrically opposite principles; in proof of which I may remark, that while my family remained among the stanchest adherents of the exiled princes, your father lost no time in joining the new government; and that while the Citizen Noirtier was a Girondin, the Count Noirtier became a senator.
said the marquise, with a slight bitterness of expression; "and how evident it is that you fear the least suspicion of your amours to escape.
Oh, no; you act like a delicate man," said the marquise, smiling.
Come, dear marquise, punish me not with reproaches, I implore you.
Newman sat down and looked about him, while Valentin went and kissed the hand of the young marquise.
The young marquise put her hands behind her and gave a downward pull to the waist of her dress.
My dear," said the Marquise d'Espard to the Comtesse Feraud, Louis XVIII.
To launch his supposed mistress successfully, he was endeavoring to persuade the Marquise d'Espard, Madame de Nucingen, and the countess, in an eight-ear conversation, that they had better admit Madame Rabourdin to their coalition; and Madame de Camps was supporting him.
Thoughts of Tanya as a marquise, of Dolly, all had vanished.
The marquise, a royalist of course, had been mayor of the commune which includes Ploumar, the scattered hamlets of the coast, and the stony islands that fringe the yellow flatness of the sands.