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see swampswamp,
shallow body of water in a low-lying, poorly drained depression, usually containing abundant plant growth dominated by trees, such as cypress, and high shrubs. Swamps develop in moist climates, generally in such places as low-lying coastal plains, floodplains of rivers,
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What does it mean when you dream about a marsh?

See Swamp.


A transitional land-water area, covered at least part of the time by estuarine or coastal waters, and characterized by aquatic and grasslike vegetation, especially without peatlike accumulation.


low poorly drained land that is sometimes flooded and often lies at the edge of lakes, streams, etc.


1. Dame (Edith) Ngaio . 1899--1981, New Zealand crime writer, living in Britain (from 1928). Her many detective novels include Final Curtain (1947) and Last Ditch (1977)
2. Rodney (William). born 1947, Australian cricketer. He finished his career with a world record of 355 Test match dismissals
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