Turks-Cap Lily

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Turk’s-Cap Lily


(Lilium martagon), also martagón lily, a perennial bulbous plant with drooping flowers. The bracts of the perianth are twisted and recurved toward the pedicel. The Turk’s-cap lily is found in Europe and Asia. In the USSR it grows in the European portion (forest and forest-steppe zones), in the Altai, and in Siberia (often classified there as the separate species L. pilosiusculum). The plant is found in the low and middle mountain zones and up to the subalpine meadows. The Turk’scap lily is an ornamental.

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Uma cena bastante proxima aos episodios da operacao-helicoptero em Teera (descritos por Thompson em suas "Notas sobre o exterminismo") levou a transferencia de Oi e de parte do staff para a Casa da Viuva, ainda em Martagon.
So, as they complete their mission, they are getting rid of all their stuff so they can redeploy and head back to the States," Martagon said.
Robert's registered Martagon Lilies: 'Beryl Layton', 'Caralyn Rallison', 'Devon Dots', 'Fred Tarlton', 'Madeline Holloway', 'Maroon King.
S &W Europe (1) Sensitive to habitat (Aquifoliaceae) disturbance (3) Lilium martagon L.
Meanwhile, lilium martagon (Turk's cap lily) ( so-called for its resemblance to the turban worn by Sultan Mohammed I ( is currently in bloom, adding colourful interest to the otherwise dark and somewhat eerie quarry entrances.
Lilium martagon, the turk's cap lily: Blooms can be from mauve to maroon and grows to 1.
The trees will cast a gentle, light dappled shade, which is ideal for azaleas and rhododendrons, as well as the lovely woodland lilies like Lilium martagon, and its white form Album and L.
Idaho resident David Sims brought slides of his wondrous "martasians," a cross of martagon and Asiatic lilies.
Lilium martagon, the turkscap lily, with blooms in shades from mauve to maroon on 1.