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(Marcus Valerius Martialis) (mär`shəl), c.A.D. 40–c.A.D. 104, Roman epigrammatic poet, b. Bilbilis, Spain. After A.D. 64 he lived in Rome for many years, winning fame by his wit and poetic gifts. He enjoyed the patronage of TitusTitus
(Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus) , A.D. 39–A.D. 81, Roman emperor (A.D. 79–A.D. 81). Son of Emperor Vespasian, Titus was closely associated with his father in military campaigns, and after A.D. 71 he acted as coruler with the emperor.
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, DomitianDomitian
(Titus Flavius Domitianus) , A.D. 51–A.D. 96, Roman emperor (A.D. 81–A.D. 96), son of Vespasian. Although intended as the heir to his older brother, Titus, he was given no important posts.
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, and Pliny the Younger (see under Pliny the ElderPliny the Elder
(Caius Plinius Secundus) , c.A.D. 23–A.D. 79, Roman naturalist, b. Cisalpine Gaul. He was a friend and fellow soldier of Vespasian, and he dedicated his great work to Titus.
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) and the friendship of JuvenalJuvenal
(Decimus Junius Juvenalis) , fl. 1st to 2d cent. A.D., Roman satirical poet. His verse established a model for the satire of indignation, in contrast to the less harsh satire of ridicule of Horace.
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 and QuintilianQuintilian
(Marcus Fabius Quintilianus) , c.A.D. 35–c.A.D. 95, Roman rhetorician, b. Calagurris (now Calahorra), Spain. He taught rhetoric at Rome (Pliny the Younger and possibly Tacitus were among his pupils) and, as a public teacher, was endowed with a salary by
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. He wrote more than 1,500 epigrams, most of which concern aspects of life in urban Rome, particularly its follies and excesses, and many of which deal openly and often scathingly with the sexual practices of his contemporaries. Martial's verses are frequently characterized by a twist of wit at the end as well as by original meter and form, and have become models for the modern epigramepigram,
a short, polished, pithy saying, usually in verse, often with a satiric or paradoxical twist at the end. The term was originally applied by the Greeks to the inscriptions on stones. The epigrams of the Latin poet Martial established the form for many later writers.
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See The Epigrams of Martial, tr. by J. Michie (1973); Epigrams/Martial, 3 vol., tr. by D. R. Shackleton Bailey (1993); Martial's Epigrams: A Selection, tr. by G. Wills (2008).



(Marcus Valerius Martialis). Born c. A.D. 40, in Bilbilis, Spain; died there c. A.D. 104. Roman poet.

Martial wrote 15 books of epigrams—three with a common theme (Liber spectaculorum, Apophoreta, Xenia) and 12 of mixed content. These witty epigrams depict the life of various social strata; they are apt, mocking, and refined miniatures. His works were highly thought of by G. E. Lessing and J. W. Goethe and, in Russia, by M. V. Lomonosov, P. A. Viazemskii, and A. S. Pushkin.


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full name Marcus Valerius Martialis. ?40--?104 ad, Latin epigrammatist and poet, born in Spain
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The results do not support our hypotheses that highly educated working married women are martially more adjusted as compared to educated working married women.
Wong is also an expert in the martially derived folkdance, puppetry and musical traditions of qi lin, or lion dancing.
Random and Strap abandon all such folk and leave with the morally and martially broken Swedish bands retreating into Turkey, though their theft leaves them better compensated than their wounded master.
and in view of the evidence that this text is in fact complete, we would do better to investigate the unique, and somewhat less martially oriented.
A rare, martially marked and scoped Model 1860 Henry rifle sold for a respectable $46,000 at the March 15, 2015, James D.
Narrating in stilted voiceover, martially artful Chun-Li explains how the tragedy of her businessman dad's abduction by crime boss Bison (Neal McDonough, from "Desperate Housewives") turned her from a Hong Kong concert pianist into a vengeance-seeking Bangkok bone-breaker, a young woman who loses herself to the "pulse of the streets."
"Elected" by the assembly of his illustrious and legitimately powerful ancestors (TV 1-34; V 78-79, 107-16), Marduk stands in stark and deliberate contrast to Apsu and his other kingly predecessors in Enuma elis, initiating a legitimate, wise, martially vigorous, and prosperous rule over the world as he has ordered it.
I do martial arts, which is another way of interacting physically--because, you know, I'm not going to have sex with as many people as I've fought martially. That would be unhealthy and tiring.
Today these "martial revolvers" command a premium collector's price even above all other martially marked Colts.
I know it is a 4th Model, martially marked, in perfect working condition and with a good bore.
Yet a scene in which his imagination is set ablaze by a visit to a Japanese exhibit in London, or another in which he martially rehearses "Mikado" principals, essentially creating the modern-day role of the director, show his admirable artistic mettle.
It was a martially marked revolver bearing factory walnut stocks with the famous cartouche, along with the "U.S." stamping in the frame.