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see moonmoon,
natural satellite of a planet (see satellite, natural) or dwarf planet, in particular, the single natural satellite of the earth. The Earth-Moon System

The moon is the earth's nearest neighbor in space.
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A large, high-density mass concentration below a ringed mare on the surface of the moon.
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MASCON has paid a total of $1,178,323 to the New York City's Comptroller Office for the wage violations.
Shezhad of Mascon UAE was named the Man of the Match.
The crustal modeling suggests that the mantle component in Figures 3d and 6 can account for the mascon of the inferred Vichada impact crater.
Mascon UAE reached the target in 13 overs losing two wickets.
GRAIL's map shows that the bend occurs exactly where the rille, if it had maintained a straight course, would have cut through the boundary between the basin mascon and the surrounding crustal rocks.
Shakoor of Mascon UAE was named the man of the match.
The interiors of many basins are pronounced gravity "highs," the famous mass concentrations or mascons discovered in the early days of lunar exploration.
Hyper Group tournament: Pak Emirates bt Mascon UAE by five wickets.
Hurston uses several mascon images to describe Janie's third husband - including "the bee," "lil' boy rooster," and "the Son of Evening Sun" - which identify him as a blues man.
Batting first, Mascon UAE put on 170 runs for the loss of six wickets 20 overs while Pak Emirates reached the target losing five wickets in 18.5 overs.
"Potency and spiritual force" combine with "infinite, incredible possibilities" within what Houston Baker, expounding upon Stephen Henderson's notion of "mascon images" ("a massive concentration of Black experiential energy which powerfully affects the meaning of Black speech, Black song, and Black poetry" [44]) asserts to be the textual possibilities of the "black hole" as a metaphor for black experience(3):
Many of Harris's lines resonate with the multiple, layered meanings created by a poet who has transformed the clever metaphors, aphoristic turns and snaps, witty exaggerations, and puns into mascon words, phrases, and images (like owning someone, as opposed to owning up and respecting someone) described by Stephen Henderson as characteristic of Black poetry.