mason's hammer

mason’s hammer

mason’s hammer
A hammer with a heavy steel head, one face of which is shaped like a chisel for trimming brick or stone.
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Why, my man, I've been waiting for you a devil of a time!" And then he turned to powder.' With a two-foot rule always in his pocket, and a mason's hammer all but always in his hand, Durdles goes continually sounding and tapping all about and about the Cathedral; and whenever he says to Tope: 'Tope, here's another old 'un in here!' Tope announces it to the Dean as an established discovery.
Using a brick chisel and hammer or a pointed-chisel back end of a mason's hammer, groove surface and tap to split blocks to make: (4) 12" splits for the odd numbered courses, as well as (4) 8" splits and (4) 12" splits for the even courses.
In a murder as vicious as any gangland slaughter, six-stone Eve Howells was bludgeoned to death with a stone mason's hammer at the family's home in Dalton, Huddersfield.